Elite Beat Agents come to Europe @ 6 June 2007 03:27 PM
Nintendo today revealed that touch screen rhythm game Elite Beat Agents will be launching here on in Euro land only on Nintendo DS on the 13th of July.

For those of you unfamiliar with Elite Beat Agents give this a glance:

Set in a fantastical version of the real world, Elite Beat Agents features ordinary people in a variety of crazy situations ranging from directing a movie to painting a 15th Century masterpiece! As their situations take a turn for the worse, a group of special agents known as the Elite Beat Agents are summoned to rescue the day using their musical skills. The main mode in Elite Beat Agents features 19 different songs including ones made popular by Sum 41, Avril Lavigne, Freddie Mercury, Ashlee Simpson, David Bowie, Destiny’s Child and many others for you to tap along to.

The games touch screen fun is offered in both single player and multiplayer modes, and will retail for £30.

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