Square Enix reveal Dragon Quest IX @ 12 December 2006 10:49 PM

Square Enix are currently holding their annual Jump Festa event, showcasing a lot of the titles due to hit stores in 2007. In amongst the many titles set to be shown off on the show floor Square Enix had a little announcement to make about one of their key franchises. You may have heard of it; its called Dragon Quest!


At a seperate event set up to celebrate the series' 20th Anniversary, Square Enix revealed, quite surprisingly, that the latest title would be heading to Nintendo DS. Apparantly the game has been in development for over a year and should be ready for Japanese release in Mid 2007.

Dragon Quest IX: Defenders of the Sky marks the first time a game from the main series will debut on a handheld system and will contain a modified battle system, replacing the turn-based combat with a real-time battle engine similar to Secret of Mana. DQ 9 will also feature a wifi four player co-op mode.


Level 5 will again be in charge of development duties under the watchful eye of series director Yuji Hori. Koichi Sugiyama will again compose the soundtrack and veteran character design Akira Toriyama will also be returning.
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