Nintendo DS games are popular! @ 21 November 2006 08:20 PM
According to Nintendo since the DS' launch in March of 2005 the system has sold through a massive seven million consoles in Europe alone, but the real news lies with the fact that six Nintendo DS titles have broken the one million sales mark, and easily at that. A select few of the titles that have broken this magic number lie within Nintendo's Touch Generations label.

The million or more selling games include, Dr. Kawashimas Brain Training: How old is your brain?, Animal Crossing: Wild World, and Nintendogs; which has actually sold over 4 million copies.

The other success stories can be found in the Mushroom Kingdom, New Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 64 DS, and the superb online Mario Kart DS have all sold through 1.5 Million units, spelling a roaring success for the Nintendo handheld.

No doubt the DS will be another runaway success this Christmas!

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