1 Million DS Systems Sold in the UK @ 20 January 2006 03:31 PM
Nintendo UK has today announced that 1 million units of its Nintendo DS handheld console are in the hands of gamers across the country. The announcement is just another highlight in a long line of successes throughout 2005 where the Nintendo DS has led the handheld market not only in the UK but across the globe. Many stores across the UK are continuing to report they are sold out of Nintendo DS until new stock arrives in the coming week.

Following Nintendo DS's launch in Europe in March 2005, almost three and a half million Nintendo DS units have been sold. Worldwide sales have shown a similar pattern with millions of people turning to Nintendo for their portable gaming. Approximately 13 million* Nintendo DS were in the hands of people all around the world by the end of December 2005, leaving any competition standing.

UK sales of the Nintendo DS have been significantly bolstered by the launch of ground breaking games such as Nintendogs, which has sold over 1.6 million copies in Europe since launch in October and Mario Kart DS which stormed the Christmas charts selling 800,000 copies in Europe since its late November launch.

UK gamers have a lot to look forward to in 2006, including Animal Crossing: Wild World which has been a huge success in Japan having already sold over one million copies and is launching soon in the UK.

The Nintendo DS is available for around 89. Mario Kart DS and Nintendogs are now available for around 30 and both games are also available in bundle packs (including a copy of the game and a Nintendo DS), available for around 99.
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