Fishlabs and THQ go Mobile @ 29 November 2005 01:58 PM
THQ Wireless Inc., a subsidiary of THQ Inc. , and a global leader in publishing mobile entertainment products, announced today a publishing agreement with FISHLABS, a leading developer of 3D multiplayer games.

Under the terms of the agreement, THQ Wireless adds a number of innovative 3D multiplayer games to their existing portfolio of branded mobile entertainment. Powered by 3D engine ABYSS®, the games will introduce unparalleled 3D action for 3D enabled mass-market phones and cross-carrier racing for players worldwide.

"With these outstanding titles from FISHLABS, 3D gaming is ready for prime time," said Adam Comiskey, THQ Wireless General Manager. "Working with FISHLABS, a premiere developer of 3D games, further illustrates THQ Wireless' commitment to offer innovative wireless content and create new value through interactive communities."

The first FISHLABS games scheduled for worldwide release in late 2005 include:

Cloud Commander™ is an action-loaded flight shooter introducing thrilling dogfight in the clouds and fast canyon shoot-outs with unrivalled 3D graphics, multiple missions, and head-to-head action.

Speed Spirit™ is a challenging 3D racer demanding highly advanced driving skills to get the top position in the drivers' online ranking. The realistic driving physics and outstanding 3D graphics make Speed Spirit™ an extraordinary racing experience. Cross-carrier shadow racing is an innovative feature for the mobile arena, where players upload high-scores and best laps, to be able to download any other players lap as a ‘shadow’ to race against.

"After investing several man-years in our 3D gaming technology we have earned a reputation for high quality games and are proud to be working with THQ Wireless to bring these 3D mobile games to gamers worldwide,” said Michael Schade, CEO of FISHLABS. “The combination of FISHLABS’ innovative 3D game engine ABYSS® and game portfolio and THQ Wireless’ strengths in marketing and distribution will enable wireless gamers to play premium 3D games with and against each other, on a truly global basis."

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