Crazy Frog Goes Gold @ 17 November 2005 02:25 PM
Video games publisher Digital Jesters has today announced that its latest PS2 and PC-CDROM title, Crazy Frog Racer, has gone gold and is now set for release on both formats for early December 2005 in Europe.

Crazy Frog Racer will be distributed across European territories by a number of partners which include Ubisoft in the UK and Benelux, Atari Nordic in Scandinavia, CDV in Germany and SG Diffusion in France. Crazy Frog Racer is then due for release in the US and throughout the rest of the World in Q1 2006.

"We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with so many prestigious publishers on this project" said Graham Chambers, Sales Director at Digital Jesters. "Crazy Frog Racer has given us the opportunity to extend our relationships with our European partners and looks set to be our best selling and most popular title to date".

Crazy Frog Racer features 12 tracks, 3 cups, 3 different multiplayer modes and the opportunity to play as one of eight unique playable characters including The Annoying Thing. For Crazy Frog Racer fans there is also a dedicated website at which includes a forum where players can keep up to date with game news and talk to other Crazy Frog Racer fans.

To celebrate the soon to be released Crazy Frog Racer, a new trailer has been released to showcase The Annoying Thing and his new friends in their brand new fast-paced crazy world. The trailer can be downloaded from the following websites:
3D Gamers:

Crazy Frog Racer will be released throughout Europe early December 2005, priced 19.99 on PS2 and PC-CDROM. Crazy Frog Racer is scheduled to be released to the rest of the world in Q1 2006.
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