Sahara Review @ 10 October 2005 02:09 AM

Title: Sahara

Classification: 12

Director: Breck Eisner

Runtime: 124 Minutes

Sit down and imagine for a second, your name is Breck Eisner and you're a major film director. You want to make a film, but what should you do. You want the film to be big, explosive, full of action and if at all possible, for it to contain a few scantily clad women. What films can we base it on, ah yes of course, how about a dash of Indiana Jones and a healthy dose of James Bond. Stick it in the middle of the Sahara and you have yourself a very quick yet enjoyable film.

Now that you have played my little game it's time for you to relax and enjoy my simple ramblings on this mammoth, sand ridden ride.

Dirk Pitt (Matthew McConaughey) has a very simple plan which is to one day find the last iron clad boat that was used in the Civil War, called The Texas. The only thing is that the whole ship and its background have been seen as a total myth, no real evidence has ever existed. Still he pursues this dream and with the help of his great mate, Al Giordino (Steve Zahn), they find along they're journeys all the helpful hints which point them in the rough direction of the possible resting place of the ever wondrous Texas .

Along the way Dirk bumps his rather hard pecks in to the somewhat glamorous Eva Rojas (Penčlope Cruz) who is a WHO employee. Before you start thinking of crazy weird things, she is not the next Doctor and she never cleaned the socks for the band (mind you I could be wrong). In fact WHO is the World Health Organisation, and she wanders the wild plains of Africa , maybe other places as well, helping and healing those who need either help, or indeed healing. Her mission becomes one of great importance. She is after the source of a sudden plague that has broken out of Mali . Between them the trio use what common knowledge they have between them, and the odd Navy Seal trick to search for both boat and plague.

In these situations there is always some evil bad guy with some mild mannered, not so evil underling. You can imagine that as General Zateb Kazim (Lennie James) who is the world most evil Warlord, he wishes to kill anybody who may cross his path. It just so happens, that Kazim's underling, Yves Massarde (Lambert Wilson), owns a company that takes in a vast amount of buckets which are full to the brim with hazardous. Now this is why Massarde is only quasi evil, he actually disposes of it in a very environmentally friendly way. The building has around it an incredibly large number of photo voltaic panels, or solar panels to those who don't understand. Using the solar energy made by the sun, it super heats and burns the waste material. As Yves is still partial to being a bit evil now and then, he plants a few buckets of waste underground, allowing the waste to disappear on its own accord into the ground and thus into the water supply causing the plague.

The friendly trio unwittingly come across the factory and so begin the fights and chases across sand dunes. Both by trying to stay alive and stop Kazim and his evil ways, Dirk and his crew find The Texas and use it to fight the oncoming entourage of helicopters and somewhat hefty armoured personnel vehicles.

Sahara is an entertaining and suspense filled action ride, which features a lot of comedy from the duo of Dirk and Al. In all this is a must watch movie, so stop imagining and go see this one.


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