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Nowadays the release of a remix album is becoming an increasingly rare event due to the music sharing capabilities of the internet and the popularity of music blogs. Unfortunately the more technically capable listeners of DFA, which is the majority of them, will have already heard seven out of the eight remixes that are on this album from various music blogs and websites that have been spreading DFA's work around. It was only a matter of months ago that DFA released DFA Remixes: Chapter 1 and already Chapter 2 is being unleashed onto the music world. With both releases containing less than ten tracks on each record, it may have made more sense to just bundle the two together. But its too late for thoughts like that. Despite this release only being 8 tracks long it doesn't mean that it is a short CD, it still manages to squeeze out about 70 minutes worth of music out of this. But have DFA managed to make around ten minutes of the one track listenable without you losing all interest in it?

Luckily the remixes don't sound much like the originals so DFA have at least made a record that will serve as a curiosity piece as it interesting to hear how exactly they have gone about making such radical changes, for example turning Nine Inch Nails' Hand That Feeds into a brilliant disco funk sound, which many will see as a welcome change from Nine Inch Nails' normal gloomy industrial metal. In contrast the songs do begin to wear on, especially the thirteen minute remix of UNKLE's In A State that closes of the album, even though at times it is brilliantly dark and mysterious house it does begin to get quite tiring at almost a quarter of an hour long. But others which aren't as long, such as Junior Senior's Shake Your Coconuts, which at only just over five minutes is the shortest and one of the best tracks on the album. What makes DFA different from all the other acts that remix popular songs is that the music almost sounds like a studio re-recording of the original song rather than just a cut and paste version of it. This makes the album a lot better as you feel as though the bands themselves that originally recorded the track have re-entered the studio in an attempt to create something completely different from what they began with. There is one of the tracks that doesn't quite seem to fit in with the rest and is probably one of the poorest efforts on the whole album, this being DFA's take on Goldfrapp's Slide In, which sounds very out of place without ever sounding really bad.

This being the second in the series of releases by DFA, that looks as though it is set to continue further, improvements have been made upon the first one. The tracks this time are a lot more diverse from industrial metal, Nine Inch Nails, to electronica, Hot Chip, via hip hop N.E.R.D. But despite the wider range of genres it doesn't mean that this is a necessary purchase as you may find if you bought Chapter 1 a few months ago then this will end up sounding very similar. Maybe the next time James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy release a remix album, more than likely it will be subtitled Chapter 3, they will wait a while before doing so, otherwise listeners may get sick of their distinctive sound.

DFA Remixes: Chapter 2

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