Highlights from the GDC PS3 keynote speech. @ 22 March 2006 07:33 PM
"Phil Harrison is delivering his GDC keynote conference entitled 'PlayStation 3: Beyond the Box' revealing plans for the PS3.

He began by talking about digital distribution which will play a large part in the PS3 and its content. A video of God of War 2 which was announced today was shown revealing that it will be avaliable in Q1 2007 and that it will be playable at E3.

He then spoke about the PSP, re-iterating what Ken Kutaragi said last week in Japan and spoke about those updates to the handheld with PSOne games for download and new original content.

He then spoke about the PSP and PS3 wireless connections and how the PSP will be able to view PS3 content with video being highly suggested.

Phil then apologised for the Loads of Ducks footage which was shown at E3 last year. Presumebly because it wasn't even running on final PS3 hardware. A new demo was shown with the ducks and fish moving underwater with accurately modelled water.

PS3 production will be faster than PSOne and PS2 production and the November launch includes Aussie and Asia. Full 1080p resolutions will be avaliable for those that can handle it in NTSC and PAL regions. Hurrah for HD owners then!

Various videos and demos were shown to the audience including one from the SCEE London team with a highly detailed car which is shot to pieces with every single piece accurately modelled. This is all part of a yet unannounced game.

Phil said Blu-ray is perfect for the storage of PS3 games and publishers will be able to launch games on a single disc for the market; one SKU for the world then.

WarHawk is then demoed with shots of clouds, ocean shots, with ships and missiles clustering around ships in the sky. It's looking all very beautiful.

He then went on to talk about the PlayStation Network Platform which is still an internal name for the online features of PS3. Publishers will have free reign over the service, with game applications being launched direct from the 60GB hard drive.

Pictures of the system are shown with video chat and an email service, which can be used without leaving a game. Lots of downloading is also shown such as new cars and tracks (but we've seen that on the 360 already).

Insomniac Games show there FPS, Resistance: Fall of Man, which features aliens, some nifty weapons and some lovely phsyics. Another game was shown from them, but this was non-interactive.

Harrison goes to continue that Digital Distribtuon is a major change for the industry, and that we'll be talking about it for many years to come (if he says so!). Online only PSP and PS3 content will be developed by SCEE Studios with a website already revealed. This can be paid for via subscription or indivdual prices, something which we hope will happen.

The popular PS2 franchise, SingStar is now mentioned, with downloadable tracks via the net (woot!), and customisable backdrops, the ability to store videos and photos and share it with others. All thanks to the PS3.

A video is shown, and then Phil departs from the stage. For once a conference has started and ended on time. Phew! "

Courtesy of Club Skill
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